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Write Web Works With Me!
Are you a student? Looking for a summer job? Here’s the deal: We come up with an idea. You spend the summer implementing it. Google pays you $4500. The code gets released as free software. It’s calledSummer of Code.
Me and others on the mailing list havedrawn up a list of potential project ideas. My personal favorites are the stats package, where you implement a decent log analysis package for web applications; a task I think both exciting, not too hard, and long overdue, and “teh communicator”, where you use Ajax push to build a web app that combines the best features of IRC and mailing lists. But feel free to come up with your own if you think you have some good ideas. (Or ask me if you have questions about mine.)
Once you’ve got something that seems appealing,fill out the application form. Describe the project you’re interested in working on and set the organization to “Python Software Foundation”. Then feel free to send me an email introducing yourself and letting me know about your application. Applications are due next week, so you might want to hurry.
Once the applications are in, me and the other mentors will be looking through them and deciding which ones to accept. So it’s in your best interest to make the application sound compelling and you sound competent.
And spread the word!
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March 16, 2007